Burgerlolz and Steel City Cake

The Vegan and Vegetarian University of Sheffield Society organized a lunch time at Burgerlolz (full vegan menu) and Steel City Cake (used to sell dairy products but now all of their products are vegan). I guess so many of us got excited to come as we were around 50 people in the restaurants. 

My lunch started with a Vegan Nachos, which is in a ‘Side Menu’, but really it’s a lunch itself, it’s massive. And delicious, I highly recommend it, I really loved it.

As I though a side wouldn’t be ‘enough’ and I wanted to try more on the menu, I ordered a second side: Mac and Cheese. 

And, oh my god. Please try it, it’s heavenly cheesy and extremely tasty.
And then, I opted for a dessert in Steel City Cake (the two restaurants are just next to one another). 

Chocolate Doughnut. Oh, lord! Haha. It was chocolately delicious!!

And, as I’m an optimist, I ordered another cake to eat on the next day. A piece of Orea Cake. Look a that!

Anyway, if you’re around Sheffield (U.K.), I highly recommend for you to visit these two shops, located on Abbeydale Road which is in the Vegan quartier. 

See you guys! Thanks for reading this article 🙂



Hot Chocolate Week

Last week, in the most vegan friendly café of the University, there was the ‘Hot Chocolate week’ with 10 differents hot chocolate, vegan option available. That sounds like heaven, right?

As in my country (France) this would never happen, I decided to try as many as I can during that week. It was really good but at the end of the week I felt so heavy haha too many of them. Here’s the pictures!

I started the week with a Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate and vegan cream. That was the best one, it tasted like heaven! The cream was incredible as well. I’m used to too sugary vegan cream but this one was perfect.

On the second day I went for a Salted Caramel and Cream hot chocolate, and as there is vegan cupcake (different flavor every week) for only one pound with the drink, I didn’t hesitated too much haha. And after that day, I went for a different cupcake everyday… 

The story of the cupcakes is amazing because it’s a independent woman that has a own business in Sheffield: only vegan cupcake. And very single week there’s cupcake in two of the University’s coffee, all vegan. That’s really such a good thing, I feel lucky. 

This cupcake was Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcake by the way. Delicious.

Third day, the vegan cream waa aldeady all used so I had a simple hot chocolate and I decided to go for the Peanut Butter one again.

Last one: Spiced hot chocolate (Cinnamon and Ginger), taste like Christmas time.

With a ‘Unicorn Poop’ cupcake: Vanilla and white chocolate.

That was such a sugary and lovely week.

See you on my next article! I have quite a lot to publish this week, I’ve visited relaly good vegan places.


Breakfast part 2

Hello everyone !

I’ve already write a first part about Breakfast in Sheffield, England. If you wanna check out, it’s here !

And as Breakfast is my favorite eating time, here’s a second part with other suggestions of Breakfast.

Salty and Savoury Toasts

Superseeded Loaf with Vitalite Spread (‘Vegan Butter’), with tomatoes and a half of an small Avocado. On top of this, Free From Salad Cream (from Tesco). Yummy. Definitely recommend it!

Coconut and Red Fruits Oat Granola

Coconut Alpro Yogurt, with Oat Granola (Bluberries, Canberries, Rawsberries). Simple, and amazing. Perfect for being part of a Brunch as well. 

That’s it for today! The first article is pretty already complete so that’s why there’s only two suggestions here, but I’ll take more pictures for the part three.

See you guys!


Vegan Pizza

Yesterday, I went to Zizzi Restaurant to eat lunch with some friends.

I wanted to share this with you, ’cause not everybody does know that in addition of their regular Menu, Zizzi has actually a special Vegan menu ! There’s the choice between two kinds of pasta, three kinds of pizza with actual Vegan cheese, many starters, salads and even some desserts.

I decided to order a Vegan Margarita with vegan cheese, here’s the picture.


It’s massive, not that caloric compared to the other ones and delicious! I recommend it. If you’re a local in U.K. or a just a tourist, there’s Zizzi Restaurants almost in every big city. The first time I went to one of the chain restaurant’s was in Stratford-Upon-Avon, which is still a small city compared to Sheffield.

See you guys!

Daily Routine, Being Vegan in Sheffield part 3

Hi guys! I wanted to share my daily routine with you, with which food I’m eating in Sheffiled Uni and the one I’m cooking in my home. I’ve already shared about my breakfast and some food I’m used to eat in here, but let’s focus on what I choose to eat depending on the situation.

For instance, when I have time, I try to cook. Cooking brings some hapiness and when you succeed, you feel like you accomplished something great. Haha anyway that’s how I feel. So here’s a meal I love to cook but which takes time, Gyōza/Dumplings. It’s these chinese/japanese ravioli full of Veggies.

It’s really delicious. When you try to find some in an Asian supermarket it’s always out of price so I suggest you to try to make it at home. There’s differents recipes, just type vegan gyoza and you would find one of them. I could also share mine with you, if you’re interested. Leave a comment if you are.

There’s some days where I don’t have time to go home and cook, having only one hour break for lunch between two lectures, so I go to Our Shop, The University’s store and grap one of the Vegan sandwiches. Yes there’s several vegan options! Hapiness!

On the picture I also grabbed a banana and strawberry smoothie from the University’s Café, and a chocolate (but natural? Haha) fruit bar. This bar is amazingly good and it’s being sell so quickly that I only find it once every five time I go the shop.

When I’m lazy to cook and when I feel like a light meal would be enough, I’m making some salad with whichever veggies I have.

This one was with tomatoes, mushrooms, red onions, green olives, lettuce, red pepper and sesames seeds. I added some Soy sauce and optionally sometimes I add some Olive oil for more taste. It’s simple and tasty, that’s one of my most regular meal. I do change the dressing depending on my mood. It can be soy sauce, or yeast flakes, and lately I’ve been using the Henderson’s Relish which is a speciality of Sheffield.

That’s it for this article, I’m gonna do another part of Being Vegan in Sheffield as I’m staying for a year here, I have a lot to talk about. Thanks for reading, don’t hesitate to leave a comment, I would be really happy if you do. 


Being Vegan in Sheffield, part 2. Breakfast time !

My favorite meal is breakfast.  First of all because it’s the moment when you can eat the most (it’s heathlier to eat more in  Breakfast time rather than the dinner time). Also, when I was abroad in Taiwan for 10 month, I was eating delicious breakfast everyday. I explain myself: in Taiwan, there is a lot Breakfast shops. In every cornee of the city. Their selection of food is speciliazed for breakfast and they close at 11ish. Takeaway or not. They have such a variety of choices, that I got exicted to wake up early even on Sundays in order to eat food from those breakfast store. After that, I became used to eat more in the morning and to enjoy it a lot. 

Sometimes, I’m even excited when I go to sleep because know I’m gonna have a yummy breakfast when I’ll wake up and haha!

Anyway. This is going to be kind of a breakfast haul. 

Here is all of my current breakfast food. I tend to eat sweet stuffs for breakfast, it might be a french habbit I guess haha.

For Breakfast, I usually eat healthy cereals, with either coconut milk either Vegan yogurt. I prefer the vegan yogurt, which is so tasty, especially the coconut one. As for the cereals, I buy the expensives one, first of all because they are the tastiest, but also because I go to find them in Poundland as they cost only 1£, which is such a good deal! 

This week I took the ones that Poundland has, wasn’t the same that two weeks ago. This time it is Oat Granola with blueberry, cramberry and rasberry, which are my favorite so far. The red fruits are my favorite fruits, which influences my preference.

The third reason is that when I’ve bought Granola from Asda, the one that they made, I turn up being rather disapointed. It was not really good for my taste… That’s why I came back to the basics, Alpen.
To accompany that, or just by itself, I aslo eat some wholegrains bread with my jam (homemade jam made by my grandmother in France, yum yum yummmy!). I’m currently using a rasberry jam. 

Or, I can also eat it with Speculos spread, which is something I’ve never tried before (I only bought it yesterday) and it’s good! (but fat haha)

Depends on my mood, but I also buy crumpet too, which is surprisingly vegan (yeay)! 

And with all of this, I’m always drinking a cup of tea. Here’s a picture of this morning’s breakfast.

So, if you have any questions, just ask me, I’ll be happy to answer, and if you have any suggestion of breakfast meals, don’t hesitate to drop a comment 🙂

Products: The wholegrain bread, crumpet, alpro yogurt, coconut milk are from Asda. The Alpen Granola, Speculos Spread are from Poundland. When I want the Coconut Alpro yogurt, I go to Beanies Wholefood (Crookes). 

I’ll do another part again of being Vegan in Sheffield, I didn’t visit all the places yet so there’s still more to discover. If you haven’t seen the part one, check it out!

Cheers, x

Being Vegan in Sheffield, part 1

Hi there.

So this year I’m an Erasmus Student in Sheffield! I com from France, where being vegan is honestly really hard and people aren’t aware of the terms neither really nice when they know about it.

Anyway, here in Sheffield, I’m in a Vegan Paradise. There is several vegans stores, vegan restaurants, the vegan options are available almost in every restaurant or store, Im really happy. And I’ll share you what I discovered and what are my habits now, which are the places to go. 

I haven’t checked everything yet because I live in the north east of Sheffield and there’s some vegan places especially in the south east but it’s kind of far away and I haven’t got the opportunity to go.

So first of all, I live in Walkley, and on my way to go to the University, there’s this organic vegan and vegetarian shop named “Beanies Wholefood”. I literally go there every day. They have houmous, which I’m completely in love with and I take one little box every week. And there’s this crisp bread that I knew from Sweden and which I was so excited about when I saw they selled it in there!!! You have to try it. My favorite combinaison with this crisp bread is with houmous. Delicious.

Near the Uni, there’s this Heathly vegan/vegetarian store and Café near University, in Glossop Road. It’s called New Roots. 

I discovered they had vegan cakes there, and it’s amazingly good. Here’s a picture of the chocolate cherry vegan cakes. 

There’s several choices, including vegan ones, non vegan ones and gluten free ones. Plus, there’s this discount!

To add about the Uni’s opportunities to eat vegan food, there’s this Café named the View Deli. Unfortunately, there’s no vegan sweets except chocolate and nuts bar. However there’s a falafel and houmous sandwich and usually mos of the side dishes are vegan. 

I’ll add several other parts of this Vegan in Sheffield article.

See you!