Chocolate and Biscoff Brownie Recipe (Vegan)

Hi everyone! I’ve really been into baking lately. 

I’ve been invited to my friend’s house which is Gluten allergic and also to dairy -but oh well, no problem for that!

So, by looking into Gluten-free cakes to bake in order to bring it to her house for Tea and Cake, I’ve thought of a brownie.

In the end I kind of created my own recipe, so here’s the recipe for you guys to try out! (The result is really good, I’ve already had many different people that have tried and loved it!)

Biscoff isn’t gluten free, so I just didn’t add it for the pieces I gave me friend, by the way. If you want fully gluten free, maybe try anther spread on top 🙂


150g Chocolate (Dark, or plain…. Any chocolate that you think it’s the best)

100g Brown Sugar

2 bananas (and an half or three)

1 tps baking soda

100g Vegan butter (margarine)

Lotus Biscoff Spread

Steps (pretty easy really):

1. Turn up the oven to 180 degrees. Get all the ingredients ready. 

2. Mix the flour, sugar, baking soda together.

3. Peal the banana and smash them. 

Add the dry ingredients and mix them.
4. Melt the chocolate and vegan butter, gently. When melted, add it to the other ingredients. Mix.

5. Put the mix on a trail. Dispatch it well. 

6. Put it in the oven for 23 minutes.

7. Take it out the oven when ready. Put the brownies outside to cool it down. 

8. When it’s cool enough, take it in and put the lotus spread all over the brownie. 

9. Let it cool it down again. 

10. ENJOY! ❤


Burgerlolz and Steel City Cake

The Vegan and Vegetarian University of Sheffield Society organized a lunch time at Burgerlolz (full vegan menu) and Steel City Cake (used to sell dairy products but now all of their products are vegan). I guess so many of us got excited to come as we were around 50 people in the restaurants. 

My lunch started with a Vegan Nachos, which is in a ‘Side Menu’, but really it’s a lunch itself, it’s massive. And delicious, I highly recommend it, I really loved it.

As I though a side wouldn’t be ‘enough’ and I wanted to try more on the menu, I ordered a second side: Mac and Cheese. 

And, oh my god. Please try it, it’s heavenly cheesy and extremely tasty.
And then, I opted for a dessert in Steel City Cake (the two restaurants are just next to one another). 

Chocolate Doughnut. Oh, lord! Haha. It was chocolately delicious!!

And, as I’m an optimist, I ordered another cake to eat on the next day. A piece of Orea Cake. Look a that!

Anyway, if you’re around Sheffield (U.K.), I highly recommend for you to visit these two shops, located on Abbeydale Road which is in the Vegan quartier. 

See you guys! Thanks for reading this article 🙂


Northern Vegan Festival

The Northern Vegan Festival happened on the 15th of October in Manchester. It was amazing, one of the best day of my life. Well, because in France, people don’t even know what vegan means… There’s no vegan store or options anywhere, except in Paris where so shops opened recently, but are out of price. So, seeing more than 190 stalls of Vegan food of goods, was the best thing ever! Everyone was so really nice, smily, sharing. So many free samples, I ate so much. I don’t regret anything haha. So I definitely wanna share my hapiness with you guys.

The Venue was an hotel. Well actually the Vegan Festival was expanded on six differents places. The main one was this hotel where I stayed 4 hours. 

When I arrived, I knew there was free food but I didn’t know where, so when I learned it was downstairs I just almost ran there ahah. Free cheese and dark chocolate. Was heaven!

After eating some delicious dark chocolate and a lot of different vegan cheese, we went back upstairs to check ou all the stalls.

That’s some picture of the food stalls, but there were also closes stalls and accessories stalls, I took in pictures some of the cutest and great ones.

Here’s now the picture of what I ate!

I think I was so excited that I haven’t take eveything in picture haha. So I started with this Hummous crisps that intrigued me a lot but in the end it was just regular crisps, no big thing about it, and I don’t know where was the taste of houmous haha.

Then I ate this amazing tartlet that you can see on the picture above. It was so creamy. So good. 

Then I let myself go for some sweet food, and I found this Carrot Cake. I’ve never ate a carrot cake before so I cannot compare haha but it was really tasty !

Then I haven’t any pictures for this one but I also took a vegan cheesycake that was actually more like a yogurt (and too sweet). And a chocolate cookie. After all of this I was so so full, I end up just going around to see eveything.

Afterthat we headed towards the second venue.

On the way to go there, we have met this adorable fluffly dog. Everyone was petting him.

Next big festival will be on the 27th of November in Leeds. I’ll do anotherr post about it. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoyed this one.

See you!

Vegan food in England, May

During the month of May, I went to England and to two different cities especially, Nottingham and Sheffield.

Here’s the place I went in order to eat wonderful and tasty vegan creations.


Lunch time, I visited Alley Café Bar.




I chose ‘Falafal’ on the World Flavours Menu.

And then I took a nice chocolate vegan cake with a red tea.


I really liked the place, it’s cosy, there’s a nice atmosphere and a large variety of choice, so I went back on the afternoon for a another snack with a friend.

Here’s the best vegan cheesecake and, cake, that I ever tasted. It was so delicious, seriously!


I stayed several days in Nottingham, so in the next days, I went to other vegan patisserie places. Because, I’m from France, and there isn’t any vegan cakes anywhere except maybe in the new hype place of Paris, ‘Veggietown’. I went there lately, I’ll post about it later. So here in England, I call it the Vegan paradise haha! That’s why I ate actually a lot of cakes and snacks there, which I usually don’t.

Anyway, back to the cake! It was a lemon cake, and usually I really don’t enjoy eating lemon but the cake was really tasty.

After going to Nottingham, I moved to my future University City, Sheffield!



Here in Sheffield, I stayed in a really nice and vegan fellow’s house, thanks to Couchsurfing. They noticed I was travelling alone and that I had nobody to met there, so they made me visit the city which was really nice of them. But this article is about food! So, they took me to this wonderful address, which I actually don’t remember the exact name but when I find it I’ll put the link. All the cakes there are vegan.Which is AWESOME! I’ve never seen that many choice.

So I chose this one which was nice.


Then, on my two nights that I stayed at their home, they cook amazing dishes for me. It was so lovely. I was vegan for only 2 months, so I actually didn’t know a lot of recipes and that was the best way to discover amazing vegan dishes. They are vegan for more than 8 years and 5 years which is really great. I was amazed, and their cooking was delicious.

Here’s the first meal, with Hummus, homemade Aubergine cream, Turkish bread, homemade veganaise, salad, homemade falafels, and nuts.


And the next day, it was homemade vegan hot dog. OMG! That was actually my first hot dog ever, because well, in France we don’t eat those at all. There’s some in Paris or Fast Food but I don’t go there or only in Vegan ones, which doesn’t exist or only in Paris (again).


And, I haven’t talked to you about the best! For breakfast, my Couchsurfer’s girlfriend cooked a wonderful banana and nuts cake. The funny thing is, I don’t like banana, either do I like nuts. And after eating one piece of the cake, I fell in in love with it! She succeed to mix things I don’t like together and to end up with a marvelous cake.


That was it for the England vegan food post.

I’ll post soon about my other experiences in other countries, such as in France (Paris), Germany, Poland and Sweden. (Maybe Belgium as well).

See you!