Being Vegan in Sheffield, part 1

Hi there.

So this year I’m an Erasmus Student in Sheffield! I com from France, where being vegan is honestly really hard and people aren’t aware of the terms neither really nice when they know about it.

Anyway, here in Sheffield, I’m in a Vegan Paradise. There is several vegans stores, vegan restaurants, the vegan options are available almost in every restaurant or store, Im really happy. And I’ll share you what I discovered and what are my habits now, which are the places to go. 

I haven’t checked everything yet because I live in the north east of Sheffield and there’s some vegan places especially in the south east but it’s kind of far away and I haven’t got the opportunity to go.

So first of all, I live in Walkley, and on my way to go to the University, there’s this organic vegan and vegetarian shop named “Beanies Wholefood”. I literally go there every day. They have houmous, which I’m completely in love with and I take one little box every week. And there’s this crisp bread that I knew from Sweden and which I was so excited about when I saw they selled it in there!!! You have to try it. My favorite combinaison with this crisp bread is with houmous. Delicious.

Near the Uni, there’s this Heathly vegan/vegetarian store and Café near University, in Glossop Road. It’s called New Roots. 

I discovered they had vegan cakes there, and it’s amazingly good. Here’s a picture of the chocolate cherry vegan cakes. 

There’s several choices, including vegan ones, non vegan ones and gluten free ones. Plus, there’s this discount!

To add about the Uni’s opportunities to eat vegan food, there’s this Café named the View Deli. Unfortunately, there’s no vegan sweets except chocolate and nuts bar. However there’s a falafel and houmous sandwich and usually mos of the side dishes are vegan. 

I’ll add several other parts of this Vegan in Sheffield article.

See you!