Tokyo Vegan Ramens | 東京ヴィーガンラーメン

Veganism and Japan does not seem to go well together as we know, but recently Japan has improved, there is now vegan food in some restaurants!

However, as it is a new concept, it is pretty expensive on the menu…

Here’s the first ramen I ate when I went to eat outside with my friends: Afuri! It’s perfect if you want to go out with your non-vegan friends.

The Vegan choice is the most expensive choice of the menu (1300¥ | 10€ish). But it is tasty so you’ll enjoy the meal!

Afuri is a chain so you can find several in Tokyo.

Second recommendation is my favorite, located in Shibuya.

It was, delicious. I already want to go back to eat it! Plus the staff was so nice and welcoming.

So, it’s a concept of Japan: you arrive in the shop in front of a machine, you look at the choices, you put the money and choose the ramen on the machine like if it was an automatic drink machine.

It’s actually a vegetarian ramen, you just have to ask to remove the egg and it magically become vegan! It’s 880¥.

It’s near Forever 21. I’ve tried many times to find the official address, I can’t seem to find it on google maps. Try to go to Forever 21 at Shibuya, and behind it there’s some streets with this Tonkotsu Ramen. I didn’t have the address either and I managed to find it, hopefully you’ll as well!

I’m sure there is other ramen places where you can find vegan options, but this is the ones I’ve visited.

If you wanna find more, I highly suggest you to go on Facebook and join the Group of Vegan and Vegetarian in Tokyo. It has helped me a lot, because everyone is sharing suggestions of restaurants with vegan options, plus if you have any hesitation about ingredients people that can read Kanji like I do can help you. 

Have a great stay in Tokyo and Japan 🙂


Burgerlolz and Steel City Cake

The Vegan and Vegetarian University of Sheffield Society organized a lunch time at Burgerlolz (full vegan menu) and Steel City Cake (used to sell dairy products but now all of their products are vegan). I guess so many of us got excited to come as we were around 50 people in the restaurants. 

My lunch started with a Vegan Nachos, which is in a ‘Side Menu’, but really it’s a lunch itself, it’s massive. And delicious, I highly recommend it, I really loved it.

As I though a side wouldn’t be ‘enough’ and I wanted to try more on the menu, I ordered a second side: Mac and Cheese. 

And, oh my god. Please try it, it’s heavenly cheesy and extremely tasty.
And then, I opted for a dessert in Steel City Cake (the two restaurants are just next to one another). 

Chocolate Doughnut. Oh, lord! Haha. It was chocolately delicious!!

And, as I’m an optimist, I ordered another cake to eat on the next day. A piece of Orea Cake. Look a that!

Anyway, if you’re around Sheffield (U.K.), I highly recommend for you to visit these two shops, located on Abbeydale Road which is in the Vegan quartier. 

See you guys! Thanks for reading this article 🙂





Couch is an English cosy (and resonnable for the price) restaurant.

I had a voucher for Couch, and I was worried there was not going to  have vegan options, but on the Menu that day there was this Courgette vegan sandwich ! With (giant) potato wedges.

Fortunately, they also do vegan hot chocolate if you ask to put soy milk instead of regular milk (it’s not written on the menu). But instead of that, I ordered this Mango Smoothie and it was heavenly good.

So, stay calm, there’s vegan options in Couch! Not the best place for Vegan meals but still, worth to go there at least once.

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The Peacock, Nottingham


The Peacock, Vegan Pub

Last week I went to Nottingham, and in order to make discover vegan food to a friend -as I’ve been told it was really good- I went to this vegan pub. And indeed it was! It used to be a normal pub (non-vegan)  but it has really recently turned into a full vegan pub. How amazing is that?

The second picture is the meal that I ordered, a Vegan Lasagna with Garlic Bread and a Salad. It was wonderful! So good.

Nottingham is such a good city for Vegan Restaurants… I recommend this pub to any tourist or any locals that haven’t eating there yet.

There’s a lot of choice, plus, it’s cheap!

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Vegan Pizza

Yesterday, I went to Zizzi Restaurant to eat lunch with some friends.

I wanted to share this with you, ’cause not everybody does know that in addition of their regular Menu, Zizzi has actually a special Vegan menu ! There’s the choice between two kinds of pasta, three kinds of pizza with actual Vegan cheese, many starters, salads and even some desserts.

I decided to order a Vegan Margarita with vegan cheese, here’s the picture.


It’s massive, not that caloric compared to the other ones and delicious! I recommend it. If you’re a local in U.K. or a just a tourist, there’s Zizzi Restaurants almost in every big city. The first time I went to one of the chain restaurant’s was in Stratford-Upon-Avon, which is still a small city compared to Sheffield.

See you guys!