Vegan restaurants, Sheffield

Interval Café

It’s part of the University of Sheffield but they don’t ask you for you student card so you can go there.

Here’s the vegan cheesy pizza. I recommand it!!

Then there’s the wedges that are only 2£, and you can ask vegan cheese with it!

Then the last one is a tea with a vegan cupcake (black forest taste).

Makes no bones

Vegan fish and chips. If you liked the taste of Fish and Chips, they do really taste like the real ones.

Then the side dish is fried cheese. Really good!

Tamper Coffee

Brunch – Avocado on toast with seeds and rocket. Smashing. So good. This place is also really cosy!

Luna Rossa

Luna Rossa. There’s an amazing choice of Pizza as you can see on the first picture. I was lucky, I could tried them all -yeah all were ordered- at the Vegan Meet Up of October. They’re all interesting and good. Actually, the vegan cheese is amazing, you confuse it with the real one. 

Then there’s the dessert, there’s the choice between a tiramisu, a oreo cake and carrot cake. 
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Cheers, Alice