Being Vegan in Sheffield, part 2. Breakfast time !

My favorite meal is breakfast.  First of all because it’s the moment when you can eat the most (it’s heathlier to eat more in  Breakfast time rather than the dinner time). Also, when I was abroad in Taiwan for 10 month, I was eating delicious breakfast everyday. I explain myself: in Taiwan, there is a lot Breakfast shops. In every cornee of the city. Their selection of food is speciliazed for breakfast and they close at 11ish. Takeaway or not. They have such a variety of choices, that I got exicted to wake up early even on Sundays in order to eat food from those breakfast store. After that, I became used to eat more in the morning and to enjoy it a lot. 

Sometimes, I’m even excited when I go to sleep because know I’m gonna have a yummy breakfast when I’ll wake up and haha!

Anyway. This is going to be kind of a breakfast haul. 

Here is all of my current breakfast food. I tend to eat sweet stuffs for breakfast, it might be a french habbit I guess haha.

For Breakfast, I usually eat healthy cereals, with either coconut milk either Vegan yogurt. I prefer the vegan yogurt, which is so tasty, especially the coconut one. As for the cereals, I buy the expensives one, first of all because they are the tastiest, but also because I go to find them in Poundland as they cost only 1£, which is such a good deal! 

This week I took the ones that Poundland has, wasn’t the same that two weeks ago. This time it is Oat Granola with blueberry, cramberry and rasberry, which are my favorite so far. The red fruits are my favorite fruits, which influences my preference.

The third reason is that when I’ve bought Granola from Asda, the one that they made, I turn up being rather disapointed. It was not really good for my taste… That’s why I came back to the basics, Alpen.
To accompany that, or just by itself, I aslo eat some wholegrains bread with my jam (homemade jam made by my grandmother in France, yum yum yummmy!). I’m currently using a rasberry jam. 

Or, I can also eat it with Speculos spread, which is something I’ve never tried before (I only bought it yesterday) and it’s good! (but fat haha)

Depends on my mood, but I also buy crumpet too, which is surprisingly vegan (yeay)! 

And with all of this, I’m always drinking a cup of tea. Here’s a picture of this morning’s breakfast.

So, if you have any questions, just ask me, I’ll be happy to answer, and if you have any suggestion of breakfast meals, don’t hesitate to drop a comment 🙂

Products: The wholegrain bread, crumpet, alpro yogurt, coconut milk are from Asda. The Alpen Granola, Speculos Spread are from Poundland. When I want the Coconut Alpro yogurt, I go to Beanies Wholefood (Crookes). 

I’ll do another part again of being Vegan in Sheffield, I didn’t visit all the places yet so there’s still more to discover. If you haven’t seen the part one, check it out!

Cheers, x


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