Vegan in Birmingham

Hi guys! This Thursday, I’ve been to Birmingham. 

I had the opportunity to only eat the Breakfast and Lunch there, so I went to this cosy and cute Bakery Shop. 

Vegan friendly, vegetarian friendly.

The name is Yorks. I was absolutely excited when I saw the board with “Falafel”. I always get excited when I see Falafels or (especially) hummus.

Anyway, look at the Breakfast and Lunch menu! We can totally eat well here, we have some choices. The thing is, it’s quite expensive I have to admit.

So, I took the vegan Avocado Smash with a delicious Blueberry and Date Smoothie. I usually don’t enjoy smoothies that much but there wasn’t that much quantity, it was tasty and not heavy. Very satisfying. 

It wasn’t much. So I ordered a slide dish, falafel (obviously).

So yeah, that’s it. If you go to Birmingham, now you know a vegan friendly place now! 

And I highly recommend the smoothies.



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