Travelling in Oxford, Vegan food

Hi there!

So I did a trip in Oxford and I kind of took time to find some vegan food but I wanted to share, for you guys to know where to go when you visit Oxford.

So I went to the Covered Market, and after trying to looking for options, my friend told me she saw a cute shop with vegan option and I was so happy actually haha

So here’s the shop, called Alpha Bar, in the back of the Covered Market. On the picture it looks closed, because they actually closed it two seconds after giving me my food ! I was lucky. And they were really nice !

So there wasn’t much choices left but I end up eating a cold salad of spicy chick peas // beetroot, with houmous as topping and some crusty seeds. It was yummy. There was another thing but I forgot the name of it.. it’s the cold oily rice rolled into a plant leaf. So yummy.

Then we were a little hungry later so we went to take a cake.

I went to Taylors, where a vegan cake was available. It was with coconut and chocolate, really good but too sugary. Depends on your mood I think, but it was too sweet for mine. But the balance with the good taste of coconut made this cake a success.

Then we left in the end of the afternoon so that’s all I ate in Oxford.

Hope it will help you 🙂 



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