Vegan food in England, May

During the month of May, I went to England and to two different cities especially, Nottingham and Sheffield.

Here’s the place I went in order to eat wonderful and tasty vegan creations.


Lunch time, I visited Alley Café Bar.




I chose ‘Falafal’ on the World Flavours Menu.

And then I took a nice chocolate vegan cake with a red tea.


I really liked the place, it’s cosy, there’s a nice atmosphere and a large variety of choice, so I went back on the afternoon for a another snack with a friend.

Here’s the best vegan cheesecake and, cake, that I ever tasted. It was so delicious, seriously!


I stayed several days in Nottingham, so in the next days, I went to other vegan patisserie places. Because, I’m from France, and there isn’t any vegan cakes anywhere except maybe in the new hype place of Paris, ‘Veggietown’. I went there lately, I’ll post about it later. So here in England, I call it the Vegan paradise haha! That’s why I ate actually a lot of cakes and snacks there, which I usually don’t.

Anyway, back to the cake! It was a lemon cake, and usually I really don’t enjoy eating lemon but the cake was really tasty.

After going to Nottingham, I moved to my future University City, Sheffield!



Here in Sheffield, I stayed in a really nice and vegan fellow’s house, thanks to Couchsurfing. They noticed I was travelling alone and that I had nobody to met there, so they made me visit the city which was really nice of them. But this article is about food! So, they took me to this wonderful address, which I actually don’t remember the exact name but when I find it I’ll put the link. All the cakes there are vegan.Which is AWESOME! I’ve never seen that many choice.

So I chose this one which was nice.


Then, on my two nights that I stayed at their home, they cook amazing dishes for me. It was so lovely. I was vegan for only 2 months, so I actually didn’t know a lot of recipes and that was the best way to discover amazing vegan dishes. They are vegan for more than 8 years and 5 years which is really great. I was amazed, and their cooking was delicious.

Here’s the first meal, with Hummus, homemade Aubergine cream, Turkish bread, homemade veganaise, salad, homemade falafels, and nuts.


And the next day, it was homemade vegan hot dog. OMG! That was actually my first hot dog ever, because well, in France we don’t eat those at all. There’s some in Paris or Fast Food but I don’t go there or only in Vegan ones, which doesn’t exist or only in Paris (again).


And, I haven’t talked to you about the best! For breakfast, my Couchsurfer’s girlfriend cooked a wonderful banana and nuts cake. The funny thing is, I don’t like banana, either do I like nuts. And after eating one piece of the cake, I fell in in love with it! She succeed to mix things I don’t like together and to end up with a marvelous cake.


That was it for the England vegan food post.

I’ll post soon about my other experiences in other countries, such as in France (Paris), Germany, Poland and Sweden. (Maybe Belgium as well).

See you!


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